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The unique feature and pride of Visakha Valley School is the excellent management and Co-ordination of the Transport Department. Visakha Valley School runs 14 buses covering every nook and corner within a run kilometers of 90 per day by every day in two shifts, 1st and 2nd covering most of the residential areas, picking up students from their homes and nearest bus stops to school.

The 14 buses ply to the precision of the minute. Expert and trained drivers bring the students to school in all comfort. All the rules and regulations of the Motor Vehicle Act as stipulated by the RTA are followed by the School Authorities


1. The school operates buses which cover most of the residential areas of Visakhapatnam.

2. Transport charges as specified in the Fee Receipt book are being levied for the year.

3. The pupils using the school transport have to pay for 12 months even if they use it only for a partial period.

4. Buses will operate within 5 minutes of the prescribed schedule. These have been worked out to accomodate the convenience of staff and pupils and are subject to change.

5. If a bus is more than a half an hour late, it may be assumed that it has broken down. In this case, the senior student should  telephone the school or Principal's office for instructions.

6. Students may be picked up between scheduled stops if the distance is more than 500 metres and the permission is obtaine from the Principal.

7. The bus will not wait at any bus stop and will not stop between schedule stops except as  stated above.

8. As far as posssible one teacher-in-charge willbe present in the bus but it may not always be possible.

9. The teacher-in-charge will be in full control in matters of adminstration and discipline and is to ensure correct behaviour of children while travelling in the bus.

10. In the absence of the teacher, the driver and conductor are authorised to report to the Principal any misbehaviour of the children.

11. Children misbehaving in the bus will be severely dealt with. Continued misbehaviour will be ineligible from using the bus.

12. Students are expected to be in their respective bus stops; 5 minutes, before the schedule time.