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  • Instruction To Parents
    • Parents are requested to co-operate with the school authorities for smooth and effective functioning of the school.
    • School will not encourage any parent found disrupting the peaceful functioning and ambience, interfering with the teaching learning process and protesting without reason would lead to stern action.
    • Parents are requested to meet the teachers only during the Visiting Hours.
    • It is the duty of the parent to supervise the following:

A.To see that the school uniform is neatly washed and ironed.

B. To ensure that the uniform is stitched according to the specification given by the school.

C. If the dress does not fulfill the standard- design given by the school the student may be sent back home fo rectification of the same.

D. To avoid their wards using faded or discoloured uniforms

E. Boys should trim their hair. Girls should make two plaits, tied up with black ribbon from Monday to Thursday and white ribbon on Friday.

F. Shoes and socks should be neat (Ankle length socks are not allowed).

G. Accessories like heavy bracelets, finger rings, earings, bangles etc., are not allowed.