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The school has two kinds of uniform. One to be used daily (Silver grey with navy blue) and the other to be used on Friday (White).

Monday To Thursday

Navy Blue Skirt :

    • Silver Grey blouse with round neck and round collar.
    • Navy Blue tunic worn over the blouse with round neck. One pocket on the right is allowed. Length of tunic should reach below the knee.
    • School Belt to be worn.
    • Shoes - Black and Navy Blue Nylon Socks.


Silver Grey Blouse

Pattern :No yoke, no gathering at the waist and no waist band. Shoulder flap for flashes required. Short sleeved with shirt type of collar and special turnover shoulder flaps. Should be tucked inside the skirt. Girls should wear black ribbon on all days (Mon to Thur).

Navy Blue Skirt :
    • Pattern : Box - pleated without loops for belt. Length of the skirt is to extend below the knees. Navy blue divided skirt for girls of classes VI to XII
    • Shoes Black ''Play day'' shoes
    • Socks : Navy Blue Nylon Socks
    • School tie to be worn on Fridays and on other days when asked.
    • House coloured shoulder flashes.
    • Navy Blue shorts with pocket on left and above the pocket (VI and above long pants) with side buckles loop with cm loops for belts and 5 cm band of the waist.
    • Silver Grey shirt, short sleeved buttoned down the front, special turnover shoulder flaps for flashes.
    • Black ''Scout Tuffle'' shoes (Batas)
    • Navy Blue Nylon Socks
    • School Belt
    • School Tie (to be worn on Fridays and on other days when asked)
    • House coloured shoulder flashes.
    • ID Card on all days.

Note : Low waist pants, short shirts and short skirts are not allowed. Students should strictly comply with the rules about Dress code.