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  • Admissions & Withdrawals

    1.Who do not complete one year of study.

    2.Who damage or co-operate in damaging the school property including class furniture and boards.

    • Registration of the pupil is essential to get admitted into the school. Usually the registrations start in January. Registration is no guarantee of admission.
    • At the time of admission, student should produce without fail either a Transfer Certificate from a recognised school or date of birth certificate as the case may be.
    • The nursery and kindergarten classes are for the age group of 3 to 5 years. The minimum age for admission to class I is 5+.
    • Strict discipline, obedience, cleanliness, courtesy in speech and conduct are expected from students. Irregular attendance, disobedience and objectionable conduct will entail dismissal.
    • Parents/ guardians may be asked to withdraw their children on disciplinary grounds at short notice. Children whose fees have not been paid for any particular quarter will be debarred from attending classes. If the fee is not paid by 30th of the month the name will be struck off the register. Re-admission will entail payment of fees as for fresh admission. Late payment of fees entails fines, as specified in the Fee Receipt Book.
    • Once the child is admitted under no condition the transfer certificate will be issued to be admitted into the local school unless the parent pays the fees for the full academic year. But transfer certificates will be issued to the children on the grounds of transfer of the parent or guardian after payment of term fees.
    • Application for TC should be submitted before the 31st of March of the academic session.
    • Late Application for Transfer Certificate after the name has been struck off from the rolls/discontinuity will attract penalty as per school regulations.
    • Fee once remitted will not be refunded under any circumstance.
    • Security deposit will not be refunded for the students :