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  • Chemistry Laboratory of Subhash Chandra Bose Block in Visakha Valley School has undergone a major facelift in June 2012 with the initiative taken by the PRINCIPAL
  • The Lab facilitates the conduction of experiments and activities from Classes IX to XII
  • Teachers conduct activities from the text book in the Laboratory
  • The Lab has been pioneer in helping the children to participate in various Science Fairs and Exhibitions by the use of the distinct range of Glass Apparatus.
  • The vast lab can accommodate 50 children at a time to do the Hands on experiment.
  • AISSCE board practical exams are being conducted every year for grade XII where every student having own set of Apparatus provided in the lab.
  • It has state of the art facilities in providing individual Hands on experiments
  • The lab is used round the year extensively prior to the theory classes.
  • Children from Class XI & XII wear aprons in the lab to follow the safety measure in doing the Salt analysis
  • The Lab also facilitates inspiration to the children in FOUNDATION classes VI to X with Ball & Stick models, projects & Flexi banners