Thanking Note to Parents regarding Online Classes.

31 – 05 – 2020


 Dear Parents/Caretakers/Guardians,


Apropos to the online classes, we thank you and your family for the support and concern you have rendered towards your child’s education. Undoubtedly, your role is invaluable and hope that future learning on Global standards have been bestowed on you. Unlike previous teaching learning process, the whole world and especially our nation is striving to prepare our children for the International standards. As a part of the procedure, you might have seen some unfamiliar pedagogical strategies and establishments.


We assure you that our commitment to you and your children is very important and the lessons which have been completed on online classes by engaging the students to use the lockdown period as a fruitful, learning platform till 30 05 2020 with the consent and cooperation of the stakeholders. Further, we reassure you that the same subject classes will be repeated in the school to provide quality education to your children as and when the new session begins as per the directives of Central and State Governments. I should appreciate the role played by your family members as responsible parents in support of your children. We look forward to encompassing the same cooperation from all the stakeholders to complete the tasks and assignments pertaining to the Academic Year 2020 – 21. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your children’s daily routine through the online classes and hoping for a bright and promising future of your child in the course of time.


This is to state that the cessation of online classes on 30 05 2020. The students are advised to go through the online links provided to you in the month of April, 2020 and the assignments and worksheets in the month of May, 2020. The schedule of beginning of Regular Classes/Online Live Classes will be intimated to you well in advance by ensuring the readiness for the classes by consulting all the stakeholders.


We are looking forward for your support and co-operation in all the endeavours of imparting knowledge to the students of Visakha Valley School.


  Principal, Visakha Valley School.