Dear Parent/Guardian,

You are requested to follow the points given below for the better experience of learning via online teaching by our mentors who have come forward to take up the teaching learning process through live classes based on the content shared through the links in the month of April 2020.


  1. Download the app as specified by the class teacher based on the security grounds on your Desktop/Laptop/Tab/Mobile Phone with permanent set up for future classes.
  2. Don’t share the Access Code and Password with any person who is not related to the class/sec.
  3. Please ensure that after the conference you have logged out successfully.
  4. Don’t place your personal details unprotected.
  5. Now the School’s as well as parents’ responsibility is augmented with the child’s future endeavours of learning from home.
  6. Co-operate and support the online teaching from your end.
  7. Slowly we may venture into the alternate day time table.
  8. Enter the student’s number as mentioned by the class teacher before the name of the student for identifying the student easily and to make your presence authentic.
  9. You will be shared with the Study Material, Assignments, Work sheets and e-content chapter wise for the convenience of the student.
  10. Please ascertain that the works are completed by your child as per the schedule.
  11. When you log into the app please see that the audio is muffled/muted.
  12. Ensure that no disturbances are observed around the learning environment.
  13. Be ready to log in 10 minutes before the beginning of the scheduled meeting and wait for the host to initiate the meeting. In case of late entry to the meeting inform the same through message to the Host/Class Teacher/ Subject Teacher of that session.
  14. Once the meeting is locked allow the presenter to continue with the class without any disturbance.
  15. Regarding the doubts clarification and to get the information from the teachers you may feel free to contact them in the evening hours of Monday to Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  16. Instruct the students not to operate any buttons on the screen when the class is in progress.
  17. Don’t enter into any vulnerable areas.
  18. We expect complete discipline throughout the sessions any disruptions may lead to expulsion of the participant.
  19. Don’t allow any malicious software which is not related to the learning app what we are using now.
  20. Your kind cooperation is solicited in our endeavours.


Principal, Visakha Valley School