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Swami Vivekananda says: "Take up one idea, make that idea your life, think of it, dream of it, live on that idea till it is being accomplished". Let the brian, muscles, every part of your body, be filled of that idea and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.


Visakha Valley School is a close cascade and a knit of educational community that provides academic and social development to all the students in a safe, friendly and enriched environment. The school is an integral part of the community and as such can't dissociate itself from the activities of the general populace.


The motto and watchword of the school "Strive for Excellence" reflects the spirit and philosophy of Visakha Valley School. Our mission is to impart among the students, the values of education, activity oriented teaching and fearless learining environment.


In this endeavour, we have organised intrepid talent presentations by our LKG & UKG students in front of parents and grandparents. We have taken due care not only on voluble and vociferous studens but also on tacitum and reticent students to bring out the latent talents and to show case the same in a fearless environment. Our special focus is on the following points: be safe, be disciplined, be punctual, be respectful, be responsible, be reciprocated and be receptive, which may assure a dexterous and promising future.


I am honoured and humbled to be the Principal of this prestigious school, I believe that education is the culmination of curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activites. The holistic develoment of the students will be attained only when we nurture and nourish them by providing ample oppurtunities to show case their inherent talents and skills.    


As rightly quoted by Swami Vivekananda:


Arise, Awake and Stop not until the Goal is reached".


We have taken initiative with the support of all the staff members to emphasize on discipline policy, Home work Policy, Monitory Test Date Policy, Teachers Training Policy to enhance the Pedagogical Strategies, Mentoring Policy, Establishment of Test Preparation Programme, incorporate high quality speaking and listening skills among the students.   


Apart from these we have established 18 committees to look into every nook and corner of the school for over all development of the students. Our dedicated staff members are serving 2409 students in this lush green valley between the two hills, away from the pollutionof the city. In addition to the core curriculum, the school offers Learning Support Services, Reading, Speaking and Language Support Services, Guidance and Counselling Services, Occupational and Instruction in areas like Music, Art, Physical Education, Library and other events to show case their talents. 


Parents and Guardians are always welcome at our school. We believe and view our Parents/Guardians as equal partners and primary stakeholders of the school in providing values education with meaningful educational experiences. Further, we encourage parents to become active participants in school programmes and class room activities to uplift the standards of the students as well as the school by voluntary participation, attending PTMs and by providing continuos support to students in area where they require inputs to draw the best out of them. Thus we can ensure them a promising future. Let us all work to gether as a community to best serve our children to optimum extent "TOGETHER WE CAN".    


Coming to the result analysis of the academic year 2016-17. In the AISSE - 2017: 69 students of our school secured 10/10 CGPA. Every year the graph is inclining and this year also we hope it will further incline with the establishment of highest form of teaching and learning process.


Next in AISSCE - 2017 Examinations:


  • The topper of Science Stream is Mr.Krishna Prakash with 96%
  • The topper of Commerce Stream is Ms.Sakhamuri Mahita with 91.8%


     Subject Wise Toppers in Class XII (AISSCE - 2017)          













 Adding to this, the main achievments of our school in recent past are given below:


1. Visakha Valley was conferred with the CBSE Examination centre for X and XII students.


2. We have established the First 17 SDG lab in our school with the support of UN & Yes we can organization. This lab is the first of its kind in the whole of South India.


3. We have given oppurtunity to many teachers to attend a number of workshops conducted by CBSE and other organizations also.


4. Innovative activities like class wise talent presentations, Pre-Christmas and Pre-Pongal Celebrations were organized in our school with active participation by our students in large numbers.


5. The school has Army and Navy wings in NCC and we are looking forward to introduce the Air Wing for the higher class students where they have an added advantage of securing seats in various recognized organizations along with the sports quota.


6. Our students have brought laurels to the school by winning more than 100 prizes in various categories conducted at City, District, State and National Level Competitions.


To mention a few noteworthy achievements:


1. Shiva Shashank Dhavala from class X was awarded the Champion of Champions trophy by Rotary Club, Visakhapatnam for having bagged all prizes in all events of Decathlon. Shiva Shashank and Sesha Sai of Class X bagged the first prize in Model United Nations Assembly at Vizianagaram.


2. P.Krishna Karthik of V-D got the first prize in State level Bhagawad Geetha competitions conducted by Viswa Hindu Parishad.


3. P.Vardhan won the first prize in classical music at State level competitions organized by Kalavahini Cultural Organization.


4. R.Rohith from class X won the Intach Heritage Quiz at both City and State level. The street play on Human Rights was selected by CBSE as one of the best plays for creating awareness on Human Rights.


5. Intach Heritage Club, awarded the second prize to Visakha Valley School at the National Level Competitions. The school has received the Intach Heritage Club award in the Visakhapatnam Chapter too. The best school award was given to VVS by student Development Society, Aurangabad for the exceptional performance of students  in various competitions conducted by them.


In the fields of Sports and Games, we have talents in all areas:


6. G.Amrutha from Class VI-B won two silver medals at a National Level, 800M Time race skating organised by SFI of A.P.


7. Melvin Cooper won the bronze medal in skating conducted by CBSE School games


8. Sri Vardhan is the winner of Silver and Bronze medals in cricket in Under-14 category and has been selected as Captain for North Zone Cricket. 


9. A.Janitha, a budding star in Lawn Tennis, is a winner of many prizes. She has represented Andhra Pradesh as Captain in SGFI, 2016 and received a cash prize of Rs.5000/- from Honourable Chief Minister, Telangana.


10. Dhruv Advaith of Class VI-E ranks among the Top - 10 in India and No.1 in A.P. in Lawn Tennis in Under-12 category.


Students who enter the threshold of the school are the raw materials provided to us and when they leave are dynamic leaders in their own fields."


On this note, with all reverence, I thank our most respected and Honourable Chairman, Shri.Pravin Kumar, I.A.S., for his constant support, motivation and guidance. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our Members, Board of Governors for being the pillars of support.


My sincere thanks to all our esteemed parents and well-wishers.